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Edipsos Spa - The Place

The region of Edipsos ( Aidipsos ) in the Northern area of the island of Evia is one of immense natural beauty and charm, and is famous throughout Greece for the natural spa and spring waters that are located here.

Edipsos is a popular destination for spa holidays and treatments in Greece, and is a wonderful place to visit throughout the year. The beautiful beaches and the dominating mountains create a wonderful setting where one cannot help but to relax and unwind.

Reaching the town of Edipsos is very easily. If travelling from the south of Greece or Athens, you can take the by ferry boat from Arkitsa which arrives at the port of Edipsos. For those travelling from the north, you can take the ferry boat from Glyfa, which takes you to Aigiokabos, which is approximately 10 minutes drive from Edipsos.

Edipsos is a town that is well developed for tourism, and has a lovely seleciton of cafe, bars, restaurants and tavernas. There are also some very interesting sights and neighbouring areas that are well worth visiting.

The Northern region of Evia is considered by many to me the most beautiful part of the island, and the rich vegetation and flourishing nature and greenary make it a treat for the heart and mind.

Visitors to the northern region of Evia can visit some of the magical churches and monasteries that are located in the area. There are also a variety of small local museums where you can view a range of exhibits and findings from the region.

Edipsos is truly a magical town, and one that offers much in terms of natural charm and beauty, as well as the unique natural spas, that attracts visitors from all over the world. Edipsos truly is the "Spa Capital" of Greece.