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Edipsos Spa - History

From ancient times, as far back as mythology goes, the history of Aedipsos began, completely interrelated with the precious gift nature had bestowed on her. According to mythology Hercules would bathe in the hot waters before each labour in order to relax and regain his strength.

History of the Edipsos Spa - Evia Greece Plutarch enthusiastically refers to the town’s waters and the pleasure they offer. Stravonas also describes the thermal spas of Edipsos mentioning their therapeautical properties with great admiration.

As the town was a popular resort of the Romans, it had throughout the years hospitated numerous emperors, generals and senators. Amongst them, statesmen as important as Emperor Adrien, Marcus Aurelious, Scylla the general are only a few of those who would yearly bathe in the local springs, seeking both pleasure and cure.

The beginning of the 20th century marks the Belle Epoque of Edipsos. Its wide reputation and the proven healing properties of the thermal springs, attract a multitude of affluent citizens, famous artists, writers, film stars and scientists.

Onassis, Churchill, Greta Garbo, Maria Callas and the writer Loudemis all left their mark on the town, proclaiming worldwide the miraculous qualities of its thermal waters.

At the turn of the 21st century as the local SPAs continue to flourish, it was "Geothermica" who decided to continue to write the history of the Edipsos thermal healing waters. But nature would not give its secrets away easily.

It was only after years of research, trials, close examinations and controls that it was possible to isolate and captivate all the beneficial elements from the thermal water.

Today, in laboratories of the highest technology and of the strictest quality and hygiene controls, our restless specialists isolate all these elements from their liquid catalyst and are presenting you with a full range of natural products. The Edipsospa range literally brings the thermal waters of Edipsos to your doorstep, trapping all their healing qualities in handy containers.