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Thermal Waters - Therapeutical Attributes

The therapeutic properties of thermal spring water have been known for thousands of years.Therapeutical Attributes - Natural Spa Products Edipsos Greece

Already in the 1950s it was known that elements from thermal spring water and electrolytes pass through cell membranes. It was not until 50 years later that Peter Agre and Roderick Mackinnon ( Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003 ), discovered how cellular water and ion channels function ( aqua and ion porines ), substantiating scientifically the reasons why thermal spring water acts therapeutically.

Injury and malfunction of the myoskeletal system, dehydration, sensitivity to temperature changes, dermatological problems, kinetic problems etc. are just some of the complaints that can be treated with thermal spring water.

Through the water and ion channels, by means of thermal spring water, the human body can draw at least twenty trace elements which are essential for it to function.

"Geothermica", a company with many years of experience in hydrotherapy, has over the years studied the exceptional results achieved by patients who regularly use the Aedipsos thermal water. It has now created a range of natural products based on its components.

Aedipsos thermal water is rich in minerals and trace elements which are absolutely essential to promote the healthy functioning of the cells and the myoskeletal system. It possesses minerals and trace elements which revitalize, restore and smoothen the skin.
Over the years, numerous studies and trials conducted have lead to the development of high quality products, the Edipsospa range.

What makes the difference in the Edipsospa products is the inclusion of the elements of the thermal spa water, which create the ideal conditions for the correct cell functioning. The channels open up so as to allow the natural ingredients and plant extracts contained in our products to be absorbed to their maximum in a short space of time.

We have created a range of beauty products including anti-ageing, firming, relaxing and revitalizing creams. Our range also includes specialized products to relieve pain, tired and swollen legs, to reduce cellulite and tackle skin problems such as acne dry skin, hair loss and skin discoloration.

All our products are made using the minerals and trace elements of the thermal spring water which emerges at 68oC form the Geothermica spring in the heart of Edipsos.